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Reporting mailbox

Reporting System
According to article 21 of “Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct”, the reporting system and handling of the unethical conduct by personnel of the company as follows:

The Company encourages insiders and outsiders to report unethical and unseemly conduct, giving the rewards by depending on the seriousness of the circumstance. Insiders who make a false report or false accusation, shall be given disciplinary measures, and be removed from office if the circumstance is serious.

The Company provides insiders and outsiders the independent reporting mailbox, hotline, or other external institutions which also have reporting mailboxes and hotline by establishing and making announcements on The Company’s website and internal website. The whistleblower shall at least provide the following information:

1. The whistleblower’s name and I.D. number, and the address, phone number and e-mail address that can be reached. The report can also be anonymous.

2. The name or the information can be recognized easily of the person who was reported.

3. The evidence, which can be surveyed.

The related personnel, who deal with the report, shall keep the whistleblower's identity and content of the report confidential in written form. The Company promises to protect the whistleblower from being treated unseemly because of whistle-blowing. The responsible unit of The Company shall deal with the report according to the following procedures:

1. A worker who was involved shall be reported to the head of department; a director or a senior executive who was involved shall be reported to the independent director.

2. The responsible unit of The Company and the head of department or personnel who received the report shall survey the act immediately, and conform to the laws or assistance which was provided by other related departments.

3. If the person who was reported and was evidenced to violate the related laws or the policy of ethical management of The Company, shall be asked to stop the conduct immediately, and be made an appropriate disposition. Also, report to the competent authority, sent to the Judiciary to investigate, in order to protect the reputation and right of The Company.

4. Acceptance of the report, process of investigation and result of investigation shall be kept in written form. It shall be retained for five years and may be retained electrically. When a lawsuit which relates to the content of the whistleblowing case before the retention period expires, the related information shall be retained continually until the end of litigation.

5. To the confirmed information, The Company shall charge relevant units to examine the internal control system and operating procedure, proposing the improvements to prevent recurrence.

6. The responsible unit of The Company shall report the whistleblowing case, handling method, and subsequent review and corrective measures to the board of directors.